Freight Forwarding

The Unfortunate Cost of Freight Forwarding: Port Charges

The cost of doing business in the freight forwarding industry can be significant at times, especially since freight rates are still quite high, and extra added costs are the last thing any freight forwarding company needs. However, there are many types of port charges that are also an unavoidable part of shipping, and those costs can accumulate easily.

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What Does a Freight Forwarder Do and Why Should You Use One?

A freight forwarder works as an important cog in the global supply chain. They range from an individual to a small company to massive enterprises, but their main service is to organize and transport goods from one destination to another. Agents will arrange carriers to transport cargo through land, ocean, or air depending on the destination.

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5 Questions to Ask in the Search for a Freight Forwarding Company

Searching for the right freight forwarding company can be time consuming, but with these 5 questions as your guide, it’s not too difficult. Read more to get the details of the 5 questions for your search for the forwarding company to work with.

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