Air Freight
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Air Forwarding Services to Los Angeles & Around the World

Customized air freight solutions for your business.

We collaborate with an international network of agents to offer you the most cost-effective and flexible services. Airline charters, ground handling, courier services, and contracted warehouse services are all included.

Let’s find out the solutions that fit your unique needs!

Transportation Services


Our global partnerships mean we can arrange charter flights to wherever your cargo needs to be and we can solve issues of capacity, oversized, or heavy cargo.

Air and Sea

Combining air and sea services offers the combined benefits of cost-effectiveness with faster lead times than ocean freight.

Air and Truck

Combine air and truck services whenever your cargo needs to be transported quickly, to or from an inland destination.

Air Freight Services

When time limitation is your first concern, you can choose the service that meets your needs best:

  • Express Service for time-sensitive shipments
  • Economy Service is the most cost-effective option for non-urgent shipments
  • Standard Service is an economical & flexible choice


1-2 days

transit time


3-5 days

transit time


5-7 days

transit time

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SFI Freight Tracking Function Introduction

Get rid of paper folders and spreadsheets to easily manage all the container timestamps

  • Container based
  • Powerful filter/sort functions
  • Remarks
  • Label the containers with different colors
  • Automatic container stage adjustment

Courier Services


Envelopes containing commercial documents and data.


Small parcels are restricted to a dimension of within ?cm x ?cm x ?cm.

Door-to-Door Cargo (DDC) service on heavy shipments

Wares with excessive length, weight or volume.

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Contract Warehouse

With our experienced experts, SFI will help you develop strategies to make storage, logistics and fulfillment more efficient, contributing to lower costs. Moreover, using our 3PL services can also save your fees on utilities, building maintenance, and property taxes, etc.