About Us
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Our Mission

To empower everyone along the global supply chain by facilitating transparent teamwork and embracing the latest technological advances in data management and tracking for the shipping sector.

How We Started

SFI was established in 2012 to meet full-service global logistics needs with modern, digitalized tracking capabilities. We seek the most cost-effective ways to transport all types of commodities using every available shipping option.

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Who We Are

We consider ourselves the logistics service provider of tomorrow, today. With a team of forward-thinking, service-oriented industry professionals backed by the most sophisticated IT team, we are taking the logistics industry by storm.

We believe every business is unique, and that’s why you shouldn’t settle for a one-size-fits-all logistics solution. Whether you are new to the import-export business or a seasoned overseas agent, whether you are a budget-conscious manager at a trading company or a time-crunched employee juggling countless deadlines, SFI is the logistics partner you’ve been waiting for.

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Explore a career at SFI

We’re always looking for passionate and talented team members. Join our organization to help revolutionize and reshape the global logistics industry.

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