Custom Brokerage
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Customs Brokerage Service Around the World

Our powerful customs brokerage software allows our experts around the world to produce consistent and prompt customs interfaces.

Where we excel:

  • Prompt customs clearance around the globe so that our client’s cargo can move smoothly to the final destination.
  • Collaboration with clients to educate them regarding the customs clearance process in various countries around the globe.
  • Assistance to liaise with customs and other government agencies and authorities on matters of customs clearance related to trade movement.

Import & Export Customs Brokerage Services

SFI’s team is familiar with a wide variety of customs procedures and we are capable of offering customs clearance services to all kinds of customers from different industries.

Our customs experts will deal with all the import and export customs declarations for your goods in time, and cooperate with local customs authorities according to local constraints and agreed to conditions.

We will also accurately carry out the movements of your goods to facilitate your international freight flows in different territories.

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Duty Drawback Services

Our customs experts can also support you in the necessary duty drawback services by means of full monitoring, including internal controls and filing for refunds (for certain duties), drawback preparations, analysis, submission to authorities and assistance in case of audits.

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