What You Need To Know About Power Only Trucking - Straight Forwarding
What You Need To Know About Power Only Trucking - Straight Forwarding

It is common for people to assume that the truck and trailer are always together as one package, but that is not always the case. It is possible that the truck and trailer are owned and operated by different carriers.  You can consider these as separate assets that 3PL providers can create unique shipping solutions from them.

This type of solution is called power only trucking. These truckload capacity solutions are delivered through advanced freight matching technology and an established network to source the truck and driver separately from the trailer.

Whenever you see a shipper or 3PL is supplied with only a truck and a driver without a trailer, the carrier is functioning as a power only carrier.

How Shippers Utilize Power Only Trucking Solutions

Power Only Capacity + Leased Trailers

Combining power only trucking with leased trailers gives shippers the control of an asset carrier (i.e. dropped trailers) and the flexibility, responsiveness and scalability of a 3PL.

Power Only Capacity + Shipper’s Trailers

Many shippers operate their own private fleet of trucks and trailers. Though they will typically use their fleet drivers to haul their trailers, it’s not always the most efficient or cost-effective option.

3PLs can help shippers supplement their private fleet drivers with power only capacity, filling in the gaps where it makes sense.

Benefits of Power Only Trucking 

Promotes Efficiency for Your Supply Chain

Shippers can focus more on other parts of the business such as production schedule and maintaining their bottom line with the help of a good transportation provider that offers power-only trucking solutions.

Utilizing power-only trucking solutions prevents shippers from ever needing to wait to load a soon coming trailer, thereby allowing shippers to stick to their production deadlines and increase their customer satisfaction.

Helps Save Money

Power only trucking could be a cost-saving solution for shippers because purchasing a fleet of trucks and paying for the truckers’ sarees could be a costly investment (capital expenditures and maintenance) that shippers may want to avoid.

How SFI Can Help 

With over 9 years of experience in freight forwarding, we have already an established network of carriers that provide power only trucking solutions. Feel free to contact us to understand all the factors of power only trucking, and how we can help your business grow specifically.

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