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#1 Freight Forwarder in California, Equipped with Game-Changing Forward Tracking Technology Helping You Earn More Revenue with Less Effort

The SFI Difference

Reduce Logistics Costs with Technology

Our real-time notification freight tracking system helps clients save 99% of carrier tracking labor hours on average!
Revolutionary Tracking

SFI offers specific transportation services that clients need; we have successfully transported everything from high value, refined, to large sized cargo all over the world.

A Trustworthy Partner

The products we specializing in transmitting include product packaging, auto-parts, exercise equipment, machinery, and furniture, etc. The premium quality of our service with competitive & comprehensive pricing structure all make SFI forge a hard-earned reputation as one of the best full-service freight forwarding companies in Los Angeles.

Customized Tools

Transform the Way You Manage Logistics.

Revolutionary Tracking System

Customized – Straight Tracking can be customized to meet your needs, you can choose to track your shipments by PO number, B/L number, or container number.

Real-Time Update – All your data will automatically update, keeping you informed of the latest freight status directly from the ocean carriers.

Portable Assistant – With our state-of-the-art forward freight tracking web platform and app, you’ll get notified promptly when a container may be delayed (or early!) so you can better manage customer expectations.



SFI has proven to be one of our most reliable vendors and their support of Segway Inc. was critical to our business. During the pandemic, we experienced many difficulties in importing our products from overseas.
SFI has made every effort to lock the containers and provide excellent service to monitor and troubleshoot the congestion in ports. SFI has been true to their promise and we are happy to provide our highest recommendation.

Kacie X

Director of Finance and Operations, Segway Inc.


2020 was a year like no other. With challenges that affected the normal flow of incoming shipments, SFI is one of the most dependable and trustworthy logistics partners we have ever worked with. Due to the pandemic, congestion at the ports unfortunately became a “norm”.
SFI would do their utmost best to secure space and equipment for our shipments, communicate consistently with us, and keep us updated in a timely manner. We appreciate all that they have done for us and will continue to build a relationship with them. We strongly recommend working with them!

Justin H

Logistics Manager, Innovative Display Works, Inc.


“We used SFI to move freight from Long Beach to our warehouse. Great service, compatible rates, reliable, good communications.

Elena O

Logistics Manager, Trend Smart America, Ltd.


I would say the greatest value brought by SFI is reliability. What you want most from your freight forwarding partner is exactly what SFI brings… reliability, knowledge, resources, and the initiative to get things done. SFI has a team of subject matter experts that advise on or handle any scenario. We transitioned to SFI from a previous forwarding partner after a recommendation from one of our top contract manufacturers who previously worked with SFI with other clients. We were experiencing a serious deficiency in level of service (and resources) with our previous forwarder/broker. SFI quickly showed that they had a team equipped to handle the volume of our account, as well as a system that provided the necessary real-time info & updates that we desperately needed. The net result is peace of mind. We’re very fortunate to have such a partner, and I would confidently recommend SFI to anyone.

Patrick M

Director of Logistics & Supply Chain, Gourmet Innovations

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