Patrick M

Director of Logistics & Supply Chain, Gourmet Innovations

I would say the greatest value brought by SFI is reliability. What you want most from your freight forwarding partner is exactly what SFI brings… reliability, knowledge, resources, and the initiative to get things done. SFI has a team of subject matter experts that advise on or handle any scenario. We transitioned to SFI from a previous forwarding partner after a recommendation from one of our top contract manufacturers who previously worked with SFI with other clients. We were experiencing a serious deficiency in the level of service (and resources) with our previous forwarder/broker. SFI quickly showed that they had a team equipped to handle the volume of our account, as well as a system that provided the necessary real-time info & updates that we desperately needed. The net result is peace of mind. We’re very fortunate to have such a partner, and I would confidently recommend SFI to anyone.

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